Meet the Team

Meet the Team

High professionals to mentor new generations.

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About Open World

About Open World

Open World learning program to educate different communities in new industries.

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Open World Learning

Open World Learning

Know more about our open courses to worldwide community.

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AKBS Network

AKBS Network

Join our corporate and entrepreneurship network for students of Open World.

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Under the Royal Patronage of

His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf 

Associated University to the Educational Institutions:

A message from Open World President

Welcome at Al-Khalifa Business School! A simple phrase that comes from kindness and expresses happiness for your arrival. Be our guest, nourish yourself with wisdom and grow to become an ambassador of yourself.

Al-Khalifa Business School is an unique distant learning institute offering accredited hands-on business education to a global audience. It is also one of the fastest growing internationally accredited learning institutes since its founding in 2019.

Its division AKBS Open World has its own agenda and programming.  With programs such as Future 200, it reaches out to country leadership in emerging countries to provide their next generation corporate managers and entrepreneurs with top of the line education and training for $1 per day. Using computer and mobile technology to transfer knowledge to even the remotest of locations.

AKBS Open World offers education and insight in fields usually not addressed by business schools, such as the business sides of fine arts, national heritage, archaeology and peace keeping. Tutored by acknowledged subject experts and seasoned professionals.

Open World hosts and contributes to international events to strengthen cross border understanding and promote multilateral dialogue. Inclusion instead of exclusion is one of the key drivers for AKBS as a whole.

H.E. Prof. Sir Brian Patrick Luining FRSA

Our mission

We offer quality and high profile professionals to help our students to grow up in their jobs.

We have post-graduate courses, certificates and specializations that are characterized by High Quality, lowest and the most affordable costs for higher education programs and non-additional costs for accelerated studies given by high profile professionals from the best companies Worldwide.

Our Vision

We encourage our students to improve their knowledge and skills through academic learning and field experience.
AKBS Open World promotes equality in respect of gender, culture, ethnicity and financial background. Success knows no color and is available for everyone who is committed to achieve it.

Our Locations

We have over 50 representations in more than 20 countries with professionals that are working in institutional relations, corporate relations as well as looking for students in different areas of Business.

Since our different locations, we are developing our programs in Higher Education for the Future with the advisory of different experts in the areas of Business and Profitable industries of our time that are being developed through our online campus.

Our Media Mentions

Referenced in Forbes India as “The Global Challenge for 21st Century Online Education”

Referenced in MSNBC as “The Future of Online Learning”

Referenced in Le Figaro as “The Cross-Cultural and Cross-Functional Higher Education Learning”

Our Relations


Affiliations/Memberships of AKBS Chair Members

Academic Partnerships for the Global Education

Corporate Partners