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New 2021 Open Program

Al-Khalifa Business School is one of the fastest-growing internationally accredited learning institutes since its founding in 2019. It is within its very roots and ambitions to offer higher education through distance learning, using a computer and mobile technology to transfer knowledge programs to people anywhere in the world.

Since COVID-19 the digital transformation also in learning has grown exponentially. ‘Stay safe at home’ not only promotes working from a home office but also applies to those studying. By now, most universities and students are adapting to the pandemic and are able to continue their respective studies. Online adoption is a fact, even when there might be some bandwidth and security issues to be sought out. 

Nevertheless, practical learning always is needed. That is why the 2021 Open Program is focused on offering online theory combined with a real work environment in the student’s home countries. 

The key is to help countries in development to become great, with high qualified students at a very low price.

AKBS Open World in the Democratization of Education

Working with heads of States, Governmental Agencies and UN Associates, AKBS Open World launched a new program for 2021 based on giving to millions of students per day in emerging countries.

This project will provide internationally Accredited education programs at only 1/2 $ per day only to Governments and International Entities that want to work with Al-Khalifa Business School in the democratization of the education.

Through governmental agreements ABKS Open World offers those students the best international education in business to users who have no personal access technology, the necessary elements to enter the digital era, and continue their academic programs in different parts of the world, including accredited learning in their home countries.

Together we design the future!

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